Top 10 Home Based Cooking Business Ideas 2020 with Low Investment


Modern people are highly addicted to food and travel. They love to hangout and eat various food every day. Using the opportunity, anyone can start and establish a food business effortlessly. That’s why the post ‘top 10 home based cooking business ideas with low investment’ comes.

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Starting a cooking business from home is much easy as you are thinking.

You don’t need a huge investment to start your food business nowadays. You just need the real talent of cooking and passion for it. This will help you establish your food business really quick.

Here I will list the top 10 home based cooking business ideas those will help you to start your food business with low investment.

You can work from home or use a food cart to cook and establish your food business. 

Trending Home Based Cooking Business Ideas:

There are a lot of business option to choose. As a food businessman I know what is the best. Here I am listing top 10 business ideas which are planning for myself to start and some are already started!

Cooking Show on YouTube

An YouTube channel can earn huge like 5 stored building. You don’t have to believe my word, search on google or YouTube. Then you will find a lot of example who are earning 1,000$-10,000$ from a single channel per month and more.

As investment, you can start with only a computer & a camera or camera phone.

Many people wish if they could cook like professionals and you can take advantage. Being a cooking instructor on YouTube has good demand. You can start your own cooking show on your YouTube channel and teach people how to cook. This will help you to earn money from YouTube Partner programs. You can demonstrate on a general topic like baking, grilling or become a generalist.

Depending on your skill, you can cook any type of food and post on YouTube. Earning from YouTube depends on the popularity and audience type. If you can convince them, they will check all of your recipes and you will earn more money. Cafes and restaurants sponsor on cooking shows to promote their place. This is another great way to earn money from the cooking instruction business on YouTube.

If you don’t know how to cook but you love to work there, still you can work. You can work with street food. The Food Ranger is the most popular YouTube channel on street food. There has a lots of YouTube channel like this.

Additionally, you can cook various types of dishes for your friends and family. This helps to double your achievement – Cooking for family and getting paid for it. If you have cooking talent, you must start a cooking show on YouTube. This will help you start your career as a homemade food trainer easily.

Homemade Cake Delivery Business

Opening a dessert shop is another convenient way to start a homemade food business. You can supply cake, pastry or any type of dessert from home.

Of course, you need to build up a good relation with pastry shops.

More shops you can connect; more orders you will receive. You don’t need to open a dessert shop for starting the cake delivery business.

All you need the skill of making tasty cakes and makeup skills.

On the other hands, you can double your income uploading your cake recipe on YouTube. You can earn money selling your cake & monetize your channel.

You will find many cooking shows and instructor on the internet who only teach how you can cook desserts.

Following the instructions, you can easily learn and produce various types of dessert effectively.

It generally takes 1 to 3 months to become an intermediate desert expert.

Following the cooking shows, you can to practice on your home to improve your cooking skills.

You can build the skill of different subcontinent pastries and foods. Because people always love to try something new and delicious.

If you can introduce a new dish, this will help you to establish your homemade food business really quick. Also, you need to develop your pastry to make up skills. Because this helps to attract people to buy the food first.

Catering Service

Investing your money in the catering business is a clever way as the service has good customer demand. This is a lucrative business for the people who loves to arrange small events and cooking.

People through parties even on small occasions that give the opportunity to establish their catering business. Though it’s a micro-business, but many people are doing this type of business professionally and making a good amount of money.

The catering business is another home based cooking business ideas to make money for food entrepreneurs. If you have event management skills, you can start your food business effectively.

You can start your catering business just knowing a selective number of food recipes.

Understanding the party type is also important that impacts on the catering business. You have to select the right type of food for specific parties. This will help you to establish your food business effectively.

The skill of management helps to get an easy success in entrepreneurship business. You have to build up a team to overcome loads of food catering business.

This will help you organize things and operate your food business effectively. Always care about food quality and time management is essential.

Cooking Training

Besides hosting your YouTube show, you can start cooking training locally. Moreover, you can start these two business together and double your income.

People who live around you might be interested to learn cooking from you. This will another clever way to earn money using cooking skills. It takes less effort and hard work to teach a group of people together.

You will show the recipe once and they will practice together. Also, they can help each other to learn. You just need to monitor them, so they can learn appropriately.

You can start your own membership website where you can post-cooking series tutorial. People will pay you to join your courses to learn.

This helps you to build personalized training that has good demand online. You can share resources with your audiences on your website and later they can use all the resources to cook.

All the popular cooking instructor follows the method to secure their resources and recipes.

Both you can start from home or open a training institute to teach people how to cook? Starting the cooking website don’t even an institute to start.

All you can start at home and demonstrate how to cook from your kitchen. This provides the best comfortable environment for cooking.

Homemade recipes have great demand among the people. Because they can produce the dish in their own kitchen as well.

Foodie Blogger

Blogging is a famous way of making money. If you have good knowledge of food and nutrition, and love to write you can start a food blog and earn money.

Foodie blog especially focuses on different types of food, drink, snakes and desserts. Talking about nutritious value helps to grab the attention of learners effectively.

This will help you to earn money and taste different types of foods as well.

You can feature the food of different territories and help people learning new dishes. This will help your audiences to cook different dishes in their house.

The Food Ranger, Serious Eats and The Pioneer Woman are some popular food blogs that you can follow. Following the popular food,the blog helps to generate ideas to start a foodie blog effectively. You can generate more ideas to start your own website.

Running a food blog brings an opportunity to travel the globe as well. Because in the foodie blog, people features the food in different areas. That forces you to travel to different areas and post food recipes in new places.

If you are a food lover, obviously start a food blog will be fun for you. Both you can taste different dishes and earn money as well.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food business is another lucrative business and one of the best home based cooking business idea that you can start at a low budget.

You need a very small investment to start a frozen food business. All you need is finding a suitable place to sell frozen food.

Though this is a seasonal business, but you can earn a handsome amount of money. In summer, it’s the peak season for the frozen food business. You can start your food cart and sell frozen food in summer.

This will bring quick success for you.

Frozen yogurt and some other items you can sell all the yearlong. You don’t need to huge item to sell, but choose a delicious item that has good customer demand.

If you can maintain the quality, you can earn a handsome amount of money from your frozen food business. You can sell sweets, snacks, pastries and soft drinks in your shop.

Before you start a frozen food business, you need to study frozen foods. Because they are gangrenous and produce bacteria really quick.

Proper knowledge of frozen food will help you to avoid business loss easily. Packaging of frozen food is important. You need to build a good skill in food packaging to survive in this type of business.

Personal Chef

Different universities offer courses on food and beverage management. If you are a student of food and nutrition, you have lots of opportunities to start your career as a professional chef as well as a personal chef.

Lots of celebrities and health-conscious people appoint personal chefs for cooking. You can join as a personal chef and earn a good amount of money from it.

This helps to settle the career and make money easily.

You can also join in restaurant kitchens as an expert chef to advise the cook. The main reason people appoint a personal chef to ensure nutrition and hygienic food value.

So, you have to learn a lot about food nutrition and dishes that provide the best nutritious value. This will increase the chance to get appointed really quick.

The idea Personal Chef is becoming popular day after day. You will get quick recognition if you join as the personal chef of any celebrity or VIP.

Even a personalized diploma in food engineering is enough to start your career as a personal chef. The knowledge about unique dishes always adds value to personal trainer jobs.

Homemade Pickles

Pickle making business is a traditional business that anyone can start. this can be the perfect home based cooking business ideas in 2020 for very low investment.

You will find tons of recipes of pickle making available on the internet. Following the recipe, you can produce pickle and sell from home.

This homemade food has a huge demand among the people. You can easily start pickle making business with low investment and hard work. Good pickle making needs time and skill.

You have to improve your pickle making skill just doing hard work.

Indian pickle is popular around the world. You can collect all popular Indian Pickle recipes to make pickles in your home. Also, you need a good knowledge of spices.

Proper use of spices is important and impact on pickle making. So, you need to learn the measurement of using spices on the pickle. This will help you to bring the exact taste on the pickle you want.

The preservation of pickles is also essential and you need to care about it. If you can’t preserve the pickle properly it will get rotten. Most of the people make a business loss on pickle business for the wrong type of preservation.

If you want to be successful in pickle business, you must adopt the preservation technique.

Juice Bar and Coffee Shop

You can start a juice bar and coffee shop at the front yard. This will help you convert your cooking skills into a profession.

You can easily earn some cash by starting the juice bar and coffee shop business. You don’t need a huge investment or equipment to start a juice bar and coffee shop business.

All you need is passion and hard work to establish your juice bar.

Juice and coffee are two common drink that everyone loves. So your success is a matter of time. Though there are lots of coffee shops available in your area, you will find someone obliged to you.

But you need to maintain the quality and taste of the food.

Food Preservation

Alike pickles, people loves dry preserved foods. You can learn the food preservation method and produce dry fruits in your home.

The advantage of preserved food is people can store it for a longer period and eat as well. Also, they have good nutritious value.

This is the reason preserved food has good customer demand. You can use the opportunity and start making preserved foods. Of course, you can start the business from your home.

Besides making dry fruits, you can produce jam jelly as well. All raw foods you can collect from the market to produce preserved food. You need fruits and fresh vegetables to produce jam jelly.

The prices of raw materials are not high as well.


Food and travel have been the best profitable business over the centuries. You will always find customers for your food business if you can assure the quality of the food.

Here I listed the top 10 home based cooking business ideas that will help you to establish your food business effortlessly.

If you have any question or suggestion about this article, please let me know in comment below.


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