Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Review


If you are looking for a toaster over that will save time & energy, then go for Breville BOV800XL. I hope you love Breville BOV800XL smart oven review.

Originally machines of convenience, the combination ovens are now essential part of modern kitchens.

Breville is a well renowned kitchen appliance brand. Over the time it has been on the market, this brand is synonymous with well featured, attractive, do it all kitchen appliances.

And, when it comes to optimal performance, the Breville BOV800XL oven is truly the cream of the crop.

Seen as the best alternative to a traditional oven, this is a versatile and stylish addition to your kitchen.

It features impressive smart technology that ensures that your food cooks evenly and faster. Even better, this conventional heating oven also comes in a space saving design.

his makes it excellent choices for kitchens that are not spacious enough for contemporary designed ovens.

But, is it great for everyone?

Let’s find out.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Review

I researched a lot on Breville BOV800XL. Reading amazon customer review and asking my facebook page fan writing this Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Review. Here I am separating the review with couple of sub-heading.

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Designed with the consumer in mind

Measuring 18.5 by16.25 by11.25 inches, the Breville smart oven offers you with a decent size for all your meals. What’s more interesting about this model is that it is bigger than most toaster ovens.

It is spacious enough to accommodate six toast slices, a whole chicken, or 13 inch pizzas.

Better still, this counter top oven is more space efficient when compared to other conventional wall ovens.

Another notable feature is the efficiency. Being a smaller oven, this unit takes less time to heat up and cook.

This makes it a perfect choice for preparing meals quickly. And, this will means that your kitchen stays cool especially during the hot months, reducing the energy consumption.

Practicality, Looks and Ease of use

Between its design and features, this handy kitchen appliance is both safe and practical to use. As expected, it is carefully made from durable materials. The attractive stainless steel housing makes it a striking addition for any kitchen. Here are some of the features that make this oven stand out;

Sleek, modern design

Compact, sleek, and attractive design, this oven makes a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. It blends well with other appliances and looks astounding on your counter top. The digital display screen clearly shows the timer, preset options and temperature.

Intuitive controls

After preheating, the oven starts the timer automatically. Identically, we love the simple controls, which make it easy to preset your desired cooking temperature and time. Besides the ten smart cooking function, this model comes with intuitive controls that enables you select the desired settings. It also includes a defrost button and a button to toggle between temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Smart Element iQ System

There is standard heat and we have smart heating. The Breville smart oven boasts of Element iQ system, which does a wonderful job in transferring the heat across the five quartz elements. This ensures stable and precise heat, channeled evenly where it is needed. Plus, the superior 1800W preheat lets you prepare food much faster.

LCD Display and interior light

Another impressive feature that you will love is the LCD display. With this feature, you can easily access the inbuilt smart functionalities such as the 10 cooking functions and set your preferred cook settings. In the same breath, this model also integrates internal light, which turns on automatically when you open the door. The light also turns on after the cooking cycle so that you can see the progress.

Slow Cook Function

Cooking your food fast is great; however, sometimes you would want your food to take time in the oven especially when you want it to tenderize and develop complex flavors. For this reason, the BOV800XL includes a slow cook function. This feature cooks your meals at low temperature for prolonged periods.

Other features included

As mentioned the Breville BOV800XL smart oven has full size oven functionality and features. It features various convenience and safety features. This makes it not only safe but also easy to use. Similarly, this oven helps you prepare a variety of foods.

10 Smart Cooking Functions

We love the simple yet functional design, which makes it easy to use. To begin with, this oven features a non-stick interior that allows for quick cleanups. Second, it includes nine preset cook functions. It makes toasts, Pizza, bagels, roasts and makes cookies without keying the right temperature or time manually

2 hrs Timer

Equally important, it comes with a two-hour timer, which is useful when cooking large food portions or meat. True, the timer might limit food that takes longer to cook. Be that as it may, you can easily reset the timer or adjust it whenever you want to extend the cooking time.

User-Friendly Accessories

Additionally, this energy efficient oven also comes with other useful accessories that you may not find on other models. This includes a bake pan, Wire rack, broiling rack as well as a Pizza pan. One of the advantages of the wire rack is that you can adjust how close the food stays to the heating elements. The oven has three places where you can set the rack. For enhanced convenience, you will find the positions where to place the racks clearly listed on the glass door.

Safety First

Of course, you wouldn’t want to purchase an appliance that puts your family in risk. Therefore, it is crucial to consider how safe an appliance is in your home. Luckily, this Breville oven comes with impressive safety features.

To start, this model has a magnetic catch on its door that pulls the cooking rack partially. This feature ensures that you don’t put your hands in a hot oven when pulling out your food. Equally, this feature ensures that the rack doesn’t fall out of the oven.

Another great feature comes with this model is the automatic rack ejector. This feature pushes the rack outside automatically when you open the door. Also important, this oven shuts off the heating elements automatically after a heating cycle. This makes it safe for use especially for your kids.


  • Intuitive controls that is easy to use
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Cooks food fast
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Smart functionalities and 10 preset cook options


  • Slightly smaller capacity when compared to other combination ovens

Final Thoughts

As the above features can attest to, the Breville BOV800XL oven delivers consistent results and looks great in your kitchen too!

It boasts of a sleek, compact design but still manages to accommodate decent food proportions for a medium sized family.

Moreover, it takes pride in its wide range of cooking options and it is safe for use even for the kids. This makes it an absolute winner for anyone looking for a practical, easy to use, and affordable conventional oven.

Happy buying!


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