Wilneida NegronHey, I am Wilneida Negron and glad to welcome you to my cooking site cookywiki.com. I love to cook, specially love to make cake. I have a small home made cake shop which name is Mr. Bite and I make cakes for my friends special in occasion & for my lovely customer. Everybody love my cakes.

There are few cakes shop in my area which are little dirty and people don’t love to eat them. So I thought, why I am not selling cake where everybody love my cake? Then I start selling. Now I have another 2 chefs with me work there. I believe I will grow up in this business then I will have 100+ chefs with me will work for Mr. Bite at a time.

Let’s see what can I do for you!

Why I have come up with this concept

As I told you before I have a cakes shops and everybody love eating my cakes. My cake have popularity in my area. So thought, why I am not writing my experience for all?

There are a lot of writing on cooking or baking though they are not practical expert. So, there has gap in there writing. I hope I can fill those gap. This is how cookywiki.com born.

Moreover, I have been asked many times from where I buy my cooking instrument & ingredients.  What is good, what is bad! How to choose perfect bla… bla… bla….

Here in this website I will recommend some items those are really high quality. Usually I will write on those item I have used many times.

How can you help me?

I will make sure that the post I write is complete & perfect & the products I recommend are really high quality. I am here to help you and be sure that I will not compromise with quality.

However, there has limitation. As an expert if you fond anything wrong & you can improve that, please let me know. I will appreciate your effort. I might mention you or your site in that article. Please contact me over contact page.